Artwork Tips

To Ensure a Fast and Speedy Artwork

Bleed Area

Please indicate if there are any images or elements that could be bleed or trimmed off, so that the overall design will not alter significantly.


There are thousand of fonts available in the market, but if you require a specific font type, kindly provide us the available fonts so that unnessary time can be reduce in finding the font. Sometimes, the fonts that are require have to be purchased, and customers would have to purchase the font themselves.


Resolution will affects how the image is being displayed. A poor resolution will result in blurred or pixelated images, therefore it is the responsibility of the customers to provide a high resolution image.
A minimum resolution is 72 dpi, however for maximum result, 300 dpi more will be even better.

Color Mode

Colour mode on artwork looks more vivid on RGB, however in printing processes, and signafe creation, it should be done in CMYK, because the colour quality will different between CMYK and RGB. To make sure the colour is accordance with desired design, it should be best to manage in CMYK mode.

Image Link

Image link should be provided if images are linked to the FA.

Colour Display in Monitor

In layman terms, "what you see is what you get", does not applies to visual implementation, because different monitor have different calibration, and will result in different colours between 2 different types of monitor & printers. If colour is so specific to your artwork, it should be address at the beginning stage, so that any necessary ramifications can be done accordingly.

Pantone Colours

Pantone Colours serves only as a guideline for colour display. If colour is so specific, customer will have to approve on actual print-out, not based on the monitor display.

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